Applications for Micro Trainers
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The APPLICATIONS BOARD (APPS-BD) contains a broad variety of applications on one product and is an ideal, economic target for demonstrating how to interface a computer to the outside world.
A Micro-controller or Microprocessor Training system or an IBM compatible P.C. can be used to create simple programs involving the “real time” application of controlling Fibre Optic Data Transmission, Keyboard entry, digital sound production, D.C. and Stepper motors, Heaters and visual displays such as Traffic lights and Electronic Message boards can all be clearly demonstrated using this product.
This will involve the fundamentals of microprocessor programming, l such as decision making, D/A and A/D conversion, open and closed loop control, creating delay loops, using subroutines and event counting.
The STEPPER MOTOR MODULE (STEP-OPT) is an optional accessory for the APPLICATIONS BOARD (APPS-BD). Ready to connect to the applications board, the stepper motor is supplied mounted in a acrylic frame.
The LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY MODULE (LCDM-OPT) is also an optional accessory for the APPLICATIONS BOARD (APPS-BD). Ready to connect to the APPS-BD, the 2 line by 20 digit LCD Module is supplied mounted in a acrylic frame for ease of handling. This option is invaluable for demonstrating the display of messages.
The I/O UNIT allows students direct, easy, access to the digital input/output bus on our range of Microprocessor and Micro-Controller trainers. A clearly marked 5 x 8 matrix of 2mm sockets facilitates a quick, rugged method of connecting their own applications to the I/O bus.
The Switch and Lamp Module (SW-LP MOD) is an ideal application for a student’s introduction to the digital input/output bus on our range of Micro-processor and Micro-Controller trainers. Eight large Red, Yellow and Green Light emitting Diodes ( LEDS ) are arranged in a pattern to simulate traffic lights and eight robust slide switches are used to set the input status.  

APPS-BD, I/O unit and the Switch and Lamp Module have 40-way connectors, which are (connected using cable CAB-STD) directly pin compatible with the digital I/O connectors of Z80-DATS, KAYCOMP II, C5X-DATS, 8086=DATS. 8051-DATS, 877-DATS and PL-DATS. The MC11-DATS requires an adaptor cable (CAB-MC11) to enable the Applications board to fully function. Alternatively, Abitec’s PC-ATS1 package allows Applications products can be driven with a digital I/O card installed in a PC.

A series of individual data sheets with comprehensive specification details is available on each of the products outlined above.